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Data Animal is the second signing to Oliver Ackermann’s (of A Place To Bury Strangers) newly formed label, Dedstrange. Their sound is a mash-up of NYC’s no-wave legends, Suicide, eating lunch in a Berlin techno darkroom while being dragged across the floor by Tokyo’s leading noise provocateurs, Merzbow. Founded between Berlin and Auckland in the midst of a global pandemic, the group is headed up by Mitchell James O’Sullivan ( Aporia, Cynthia, Full Moon Fiasco) and Takumi Yanai ( The Schizophonics , The Cavemen ). Described by Peter Mangan of 8mm as "Hell’s real angels – these kids literally sound like hell on the internet" and with growing notoriety after a blistering performance at 2021’s SXSW, Data Animal is the techno-rock n roll group replicants and cyborgs worldwide have been waiting for. Their debut album Future Primitive came out March 18, 2022 on Dedstrange.

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