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LUNACY is a dystopian shadow figure located in Rural Pennsylvania— a character set in the empty corroded future focusing on themes of loneliness, emptiness & mental illness. A character that often fits the description of late ‘80s & early ‘90s post-apocalyptic films. The project rose to the surface in 2016 with a set of 4 track demo recordings and consistently released material every 6 months until the release of the debut album Age Of Truth on Third Coming Records in Winter 2019. All releases have always been based around art and design of a specific release and have always been released in limited colorways, always selling out quickly. The project often described as lo-fi, noise and ambient explores different elements of shoegaze, minimal synth & post punk while developing a sound unique and identifiable to the project. Over a short time, Lunacy has shared the stage with the likes of Chrome, A Place To Bury Strangers, King Dude, Health, Youth Code, Automelodi, Bambara, Twin Tribes, Sextile, Skeleton Hands, SRSQ, & Tempers while also having a small run in Europe with Some Ember & Offermose in 2018. Lunacy has a full US tour booked with MVTANT from September through November of 2021 in anticipation for the Sophomore release of “Echo In The Memory” - out April 1, 2022 on Oliver Ackermann’s (A Place To Bury Strangers / Death By Audio) newly founded label Dedstrange. Echo In The Memory marks a new chapter for LUNACY’s sonic annihilation centered around trying to rebuild a world that no longer exists. Previous works have been recorded on a 4- track Tascam Portastudio using various analog single unit drum machines, guitar, bass and synths. On this upcoming release the recording process has changed quite a bit. Echo In the Memory was recorded on an Otari Broadcast MX50/50 - a 4 track 1/4 inch tape machine brought back to life by Sean Hur. All backing tracks, drum samples & loops were produced on an all black MPC1000 except, “Fragmented Pulse” which used the classic DR-55 with an 8/12 bitcrusher fuzz pedal handmade by Kyle Reiff. Both analog & digital synths were used along with guitar & bass with various effects pedals. Recorded over a two year period from 2019 - 2021 in the Dustbin in Rural Pennsylvania, mixed by Connor Clasen & Mastered by Oliver Ackermann. In the Lunacy tradition, Echo In The Memory was release on two variants of Limited colored vinyl, featuring original cover art from Dusty Ray and Logo work from Jesse Draxler. Echo In The Memory was released on Dedstrange on April 1, 2022.


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