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The Pleasure Majenta Unleash Single / Video 'Full Of It' + Announce New Album 'Looming, The Spindle'

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

April 6th, 2022 |

Berlin-based NZ goth punks The Pleasure Majenta announced their new album "Looming the Spindle" this past week. 'Full Of It' is the swaggering first cut from forthcoming album Looming, The Spindle — an unholy tangle of searing guitars, squalling sax, incessantly pounding percussion and untamed yowls, yet somehow packing a rock solid catchy core.

Created by the band's EJ (L V J) and Lawrence Fergus Goodwin (Career Girls, Caroles), with assistance from Amos Turner, the addicting single's accompanying visuals are an equally demonic experience to behold, a lurid nocturnal vision painting an enticing portrait of the community orbiting Berlin's '8MM Scene'. Described as "the pain soaked album so many albums want to be , but miss the mark," Looming, The Spindle releases in mid July, watch 'Full Of It' below [content warning: strobing effects]...

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